Thursday, 30 April 2015

A Reply to A Fan Letter

No Name

Thank you very much for the fan letter that you wrote for me few days ago. To be honest, this is my first time receiving a fan letter. I'm very glad that you have the urge to actually spare your time to write for me. I really appreciate it. The way you beautifully write such letter really flattered me. I should admit, it is very special. Never in my whole life I expect to receive anything that would turn out to be very special for me. For me, your fan letter is more than just adulations, it deserves better terms. Your letter deserves better title, for it is very sincere and beautifully written.

Somehow, each word in the letter gives warm vibe into my eyes, through my brain, and straight to my heart. I can feel your sincere self let your mind pour its beautiful thoughts into the sincere words of yours. As I read the last words of your letter, I just realized that I've been smiling like an idiot the whole time. I am that awkward guy who's having hard time hiding his happiness. I may seem to be very engaging from my words, but after all, I am still that awkward guy who simply writes.

I never thought that there would be someone out there who will patiently wait for me to publish my writings, read it all from end to end, and kindly feel each words of my writing carefully. What made me even happier is how you actually manage to understand my writings very well, which is a sign for me that I succeeded in spreading the message that I actually want people to receive and understand. It really is an incredible feeling to know someone actually has the willing to not only simply read, but also feel my writings. I get even happier to know that a person with a beautiful mind like you have the guts and courage to approach me through your letter. Yes, your eyes aren't broken, you do have a beautiful mind, I just knew it from the smooth flow of sentences in your letter.

How you analized me from my words of love, just gave me a definition about what kind of person I actually am. I always have difficulties in defining my true self, I would get an F for how bad I am in judging myself.   Just like what you said, I am a desperate lover. It is true, I guess. Your explanation about how I gently pour my heart into every writing really fits the category of a desperate lover. And I can't doubt that. Turns out I really am desperate when it comes to loving someone. I really have this great needs of sharing my love to the one that I think deserves it. I myself, is not even a professional writer, but when I start putting my heart into my writings, I can go crazy and spent the whole night just for a short poem. Yes, I am that awkward guy who is also a desperate lover. Either in a platonic or romantic way, you name it.

I still can't stop this overflowing feeling of happiness. Your letter is too lovely to be true. I feel like I want to print out your letter, make a lot of copy, so I can stick your letter to my books, to the walls of my room, keep it in my bag, fold a copy into small square so I can put it in my wallet. And everytime I feel blue, I'll just simply open my wallet, take your lovely letter out, read, and let the warm loving mind of yours hold me once again.

Here's a confession. Just like how you said that you fall in love with me by my words, I fall in love with you already since the first paragraph.

And I am more overflowed with feelings, the moment I know that behind that anonymous identity of yours, is you, my lover. After all, it's always been you.

Thank you, love. Thank you for all the time, the feelings, and your little surprises. Thank you.

Arjen Lubnan Melkior

P.S.: Still interested in the coffee date you offered me in the first paragraph of your letter? :)

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