Monday, 16 March 2015

Dumb and Numb

I was just a moving pack of flesh
No soul, no heart, just systems moving like gears in an analog clock

I was a cold-hearted man
All the good and bad things they thought I did
Are just my manner of killing my time

I was just a factory standard prototype
All the thoughts and plans I had in mind
Are just series of schedules that I strictly follow every single day

I was dumb for thinking all the things I did were right

I was dumb for putting the triangle block into the circle hole,
for having a mindset that all the things I had and did were how they're supposed to be.

I was dumb for thinking that it's alright

I was dumb for feeling comfortably numb

I was, indeed, dumb and numb

After all,
I was just a dumb and lonely soul waiting to be saved

With all the sanity and humbleness I think I still have left, I ask of you

Will you break this wall of dumbness and numbness?

Will you save me?

-Arjen L. Melkior

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