Saturday, 21 March 2015

Solar System

This is not a science class
I am taking you on a trip to see the solar system in my head
No fees to pay, just a free pass in a form of trust

My brain is the sun.
The thoughts I have in mind are planets,
moving in circles, evolving around my sun.
Some thoughts are random space matters floating away after a while,
some stays around and let themselves to be exposed by the light of my sun once in a while.

On the farthest radius of orbits from the sun, lies the planet of dislikes and hate.
It consists of dark matters of hate and minerals of dislikes
Orbiting with a slow speed
Lacking light and attention from the sun
Hate and dislike are two different things, I know
I just don't want to spare too much space for trash bin of my mind

There are six other planets revolving closer to the sun
Planet of childhood memories
Planet of daily memories
Planet of work and study
Planet of awareness
Planet of  needs and wants
Yes I know that's only five
But that is not the point
Those five planets revolves around my sun with average speed,
get almost the same amount of light and attention from the sun,
and also average space in the solar system

There is only one planet with the closest orbital ring to the sun,
revolving faster than any planet,
extracts major attention from my sun,
the most powerful planet to win more space in the system
and is awarded with great attention from another big star called the heart
The planet's name is Raztavar, the only planet with an actual name
It consists of the thoughts of those people I love the most - my main family,
my bestfriends, they are all in the same category. They're my family.
And there's you. No, you're not in the same category.
Yes we are like family, but there's something different.
Is this what they call a romantic kind of love?

With you being there in Raztavar,
can you imagine how much attention you get from my sun,
how much light that shines on you every day that I can't get my eyes off of you?
Can you imagine how so very frequently I think of you with that fast revolving speed of the Raztavar?
Can you imagine how precious you are as an element of the Raztavar that even gets attention not only from the sun, but also from another big star called the heart?


You are the apple of my eye,
the main act of my stage,
the closest to my sun,
the citizen of my heart,
the permanent resident of my mind.

Long story short,
You are always on my mind,
stay safely in the heart of mine.


Thank you for coming with me on a trip in my head.
Please keep and take care of the free pass that I gave you. 

- Arjen L. Melkior

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